Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Once Proud Train Depot Reduced to Rubble

I am one of the many that regret that this had to be the disposition of the old depot. So many of us spent so many days hanging out there listening to the telegraph and watching the final waning days of passenger train service - people from far away getting off and on the passenger cars to leave going on to other parts of the world. We really didn't know then just how big the world was. We really longed to get on the train and go somewhere ourselves.

Article from the Baldwyn News, July 18 1990.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Morning Coffee Gang

The regular morning coffee group at the Git-N-Go south of town were joined recently by some of the old Baldwyn gang. L-R John Olan Cunningham, Robert Thomas, Jim Baxter, Joe Murray Davis, Billy Hamblin, Carl Houston, and David Heflin. Not shown is Henry Outlaw, who took the photo. Joe had some very old photos and objects d' art to pass around. For an hour and a half or more, many old football games were replayed, the goats were again put in the school library, and bootleggers once again got a visit late at night. It was very good time we had, guys. Thanks for the memories!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Caldwell Motor Company

   If any of you were treated by Dr. Mitchell Ford, you will remember he built a new office at the corner of South Second Street at Water Street which is still there and being used a medical facility even today. This building was on that same spot. This photo I would guess to be made in early 1910s. I don't see the E. A. Shellnut home across the street to the left which was built by Dr. R. B. Caldwell around 1915-16. Dr. Caldwell moved to a new home in 1927 and Ben Caldwell bought the house. He later sold it to Mr. Shellnut.
   This was the local Chevrolet dealership and garage and Second street was US highway 45 at that time. I also notice that the street appears to not be paved. The downtown streets were concreted starting in about 1926 or '28, I have read. C. G. Henderson later bought the dealership and eventually moved it to South Fourth Street (U.S. 45 at that time). This building burned and I can't remember if Henderson moved prior to the fire or not.

Friday, August 10, 2012

City Officials Mid-20th Century

Front, L-R: J. P. McWhorter who was city clerk, then-Mayor Bernard Coggins, Paul England. Rear, L-R: Mr. Duke Young, Mr. "Red" Cunningham, J. S. Weldon, Jet Ford, Fred Parmenter. They are in front of the old city hall on north Second Street.

From Claude Gentry photos.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The old Tunnel Under the Fields

Looking North...
   This is the south entrance to the drainage tunnel under the old football and baseball field that we used to go through as a rite of passage. Scary the first time through, dark and damp, bent over so far we walked like a gorilla. The entrance has had some modifications over the years, but still brings back lots of memories. Some people would tell Mr. Baker when guys were in the tunnel, and he would try to intercept them.
   I carry a camera at all times, and went to look this up today after thinking about it over the weekend. I wonder if some kids later than 1956 ever went through?  The other end is on private property and I can't easily get a photo of it, but am still trying.
   Just thought some of you might get a kick from seeing this!