Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Venison for the next Week

Undated photo of Billy McGee, Bobby Corbett, and Gideon Chisholm with a nice size deer. The man in back looks familiar, but I can't come up with his name (help).

Photo from Dr. Henry Outlaw

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sunday School Class about 1954

This apparently is Joyce Houston's Sunday School class in front of the Baptist church when it was on Main street. I guessed at the date as 1954 due to some of the guys wearing beards that were in celebration of Brice's Cross Roads reenactment that year.

Dig those crazy ties especially Fooly's! I'm not sure which Cox is behind Aaron - Billy? Can you remember all of them?

Friday, June 15, 2012

1959 BHS Beauties

Betty Ann Lytal - Dairy Queen in 1959 Homecoming game parade. She is wearing a tiara but it was cropped out before I edited the photo. Juanita Chisholm at right riding her horse with unidentified passenger.

Four of the six voted "most beautiful" in BHS '59. L-R Sandra Poole, Doris Robinson, Martha Ann Garrett, and Martha Ann Pratt. Not present at this photo op were Midge Stiles and Martha Sue Prather. Photos made at the old Dairy Bar area on US 45N. Miss Lytal is seen at top right in a '59 Chevrolet convertible.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sawdust Memories

An undated photo of one of the the woodworking classes at BHS. A project each year was built by the students for their keeping. They only paid a small amount for the material. This project evidently is a cedar chest. The shop in these days, if I recall correctly, was in an added-on room at the west end of the gym.

Top, from left looks like Charles "Clubfoot" Weatherford(??), Tony Barber, and Larry Roberts. Need some help with the name of the person standing (Bobby Conwill?). Seated L-R Bonnie Ray Whitehead??, Donald Wayne Robinson, Bobby McCarley, and Larry Carpenter?

Corrections/additions needed.

Monday, June 4, 2012

"Popeye" at Work

Here is an old deteriorated clipping of Paul "Popeye" Gentry at his watch repair desk. He was a jovial and jocular fellow, but plagued by a crippling disease. He made the most of it, going to ball games and on short vacation trips in his many nice convertibles with friends and girlfriends.

This photo was made in his second location under Gordon's Department Store on South Second Street.

A jokester and always appreciative of a joke being told to him, his laughter could be heard for a long way. If you ever wondered about the origin of his nickname, he wore a jeweler's loupe on his right eye for magnification and when he looked at you, he reminded everyone of the cartoon character.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

John Allen Sign

This sign is still in place on Hwy145N. This photo shows it shortly after it was erected. It is being checked out by two very attractive ladies - Mary Tom Gordon, left, and Pat McGuire.
 Does anyone know the date of this? It is March 8th of some year according to some text on the page.
 Sorry for the poor condition of the newspaper clipping.