Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lampkin Barber Shop - Additional Information

This photo was posted previously but was a faded newspaper copy. This is a better photo.

There were four chairs in this shop.

Bill (Billy Bob) Lampkin sent the photo and the following info:

The first chair, which doesn't show, is empty. Martin Jordan, from Blue Springs only worked on Saturday. (This was about 1944.) The second chair is Cecil Lytal. He later took the shop in the Henry Clay Hotel in West Point. His customer is Jim Barnett.

The third chair is Audrey Green. His customer and Jack's customer are brothers. (I am pretty sure their name is Gholston or Gholson.)

Audrey went to West point in 1952 to work with Cecil.

The fourth chair is Jack Lampkin.

Frank "Hambone" Stewart is leaning abainst the back mirrors.

Martin truck farmed and barbered in his house. Cecil ran the body shop at Prather Ford.

Audrey loved music and sang and led singing at revivals and taught singing schools.

Jack was a lay preacher and helped at Lebanon Methodist and Asbury Methodist and Wheeler Methodist pretty regularly. He taught boys' Sunday school and was scout master for over 30 years. He was awarded the Silver Beaver in 1947. He was a first class father, too, as his four sons' lives attest.

Bill Lampkin took the shop in 1950 and worked there until 1953. Gene Prentiss took Cecil's place, and in 1953, bought the shop.

Dayton Mink worked there in 1949 and 1951.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Attention 1960 BHS Grads!!

After talking with several BHS '60 classmates, we have scheduled a planning session for our 50th Class Reunion for SATURDAY, March 20th, 2010, 2:00 PM at the PRATT SCHOOL LUNCH ROOM. The facility has been reserved for that date, please bring drinks and/or snacks for yourself and your wife/husband/date, etc. If you have the contact info for classmates other than the ones shown above, please either call or email that to me or contact the other classmates and let them know about the planning session and encourage them to attend. When contacting classmates who live outside the area and will not be able to attend the planning session, encourage them to give their opinions, suggestions, etc to be discussed.
Also, please be prepared to discuss your ideas, including the info below:
1) Date for Reunion(some have suggested having the reunion on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010 to coincide with the Okeelala Festival & Car Show).
2) Location for Reunion.(including food, etc)
3) Contacting all Classmates.(possibly forming a committee responsible for contacting everyone).
4) Mementos.(Classmate Bios, commemorative coffee cups, etc).
5) Forming committees responsible for each category.
6) Other ideas and suggestions.
Since the Pratt School has been reserved all day the 20th, I plan to be there early and probably will eat lunch at Agnew's, join me if you can.
Don McKibben

June 1964 Parade

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Some street scenes from the 1964 crossroads celebration. Notice the town was still lively then, quite a few people handy for the parade including the gentleman in overalls in the lower photo.

These photographs were made, I believe, at the same time as the one we use every June showing the parade coming west from town.

The band majorettes and band members didn't have their uniforms at that time. One of the girls in the center photo has tentatively been identified as Linda Gail White. Hope that is correct, and can someone identify the other two?

The upper photo is a marching column of the "Mississippi Grays" turning the corner at North Second and Clayton Streets (Al's Cafe used to be on this corner, it is now the PCEPA).

The stores shown are easily identified... The Farmers and Merchants Bank, Shellnut's, and the Philco Store owned and operated by Walter Sprinkle, Tom's Drug Store sign, etc.

Thanks to Robert Palmer for submitting these photos.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cowboy Music Trio

A photo from the early 1960s with Ralph Pennington on guitar/vocals, "Googe" Prather (center) on vocals, and Simon Spight on harmonica/vocals.

This band had a name but I cannot remember it. Maybe some of you can.

As you may recall, there were many good singers in Baldwyn; Googe Prather and Simon Spight were especially involved in christian and gospel music. Ralph was a very good guitar player and country singer. I understand he also sang gospel, but I personally never heard him do that.

From a clipping out of the Baldwyn Weekly News. The setting appears to be the BHS stage.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bearcats Wallop Indians

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While scanning one of the photo articles in a previous post (below), I turned the paper over and noticed this on the opposite side. Although it has been cut out for the other article, there still may be enough of the story showing here to bring back some of the thoughts of that game on that particular night.

What a trouncing that was inflicted on Fulton by the 'Cats.

More from Nancy Faye Goodson Bruce.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Prentiss Queen and Junior Queen of the Forest with Alternates

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Some more of the beauties of the mid-1950s. I do not recall that particular contest, but it must have Prentiss county-wide. Two winners from BHS is not a bad showing!

Sent by Nancy Faye Goodson Bruce.

School Paper Editor and Helpers

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A photo of the school paper staff about 1955. The paper was named the "BHS Spotlight" and was published in the Baldwyn Weekly News each week. From time to time we post the Spotlight on this blog. We have received a few and you will see them in the near future.

Thanks to Nancy Faye Goodson Bruce.

Most Friendly Boy and Girl at BHS

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This category (most friendly of BHS students) was usually correctly voted each year. These two were very friendly, helpful kids as stated. Both are doing well these days - Nancy came to Baldwyn last Okeelala Day to the breakfast at Agnew's and we all were glad to see her.

Shared by Nancy Faye Goodson Bruce

TomBigBee Basketball Champs 1958

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Another photo of the fine Bearcat basketball team of 1958. I think that the person identified as Don Curtis is actually Harold Deen Grissom, but not sure (help).

Courtesy of Nancy Faye Goodson Bruce.