Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another BHS Spotlight Article with Snooper

This one is from the Baldwyn News published on March 13, 1958.

We have a promise of more of these type articles if you would like to see them (please let us know).

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Thanks to Tom Shellnut for this submission.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bakers/Latimer Bios

This came from out of the Weekly News around or after 1972. It details the early days of some of our teachers through to the time they left teaching to retire.

Like them or not, they were a part of our early education and tried as best they could to make sure all children had a good learning experience.


Submitted by Robert Palmer.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BHS Sports History

How did Baldwyn get to be known as the "Bearcats"?

In the late 1920s a committee of three or four students decided that BHS should adopt a mascot. After much consideration, they decided on the name Bearcat.

Why? Because the cross between a ferocious bear and a mean wildcat would be the "frighteningest" animal you would ever find.

Who was the first basketball coach at BHS? C. H. McNeal coached the first basketball team in 1912-13.

Who were the first members of the basketball team? Coach McNeal was in charge of directing Leon Rowan, Johnny Dewberry, Lloyd Heflin, Will Strange, Lucian Lindley, Clifford Newman, and Kirby Moffit.

When did BHS produce it's first state basketball champions? 1931-32.

When was the first BHS football team organized? 1926.

Who was the first football coach? Coach Langston.

From the Weekly News, April 5, 1979. Submitted by Robert Palmer.