Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BHS Library Club - Early 1960s

This is the library club members from the 1960-62 era, I am told. All are identified except Carolyn Hopkins (standing behind Yvonne and Jackie).

This photo was evidently made in the library room, but I am unsure of the direction unless it is the East wall.

From a Bearcat yearbook.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

BHS Class of 1935

This was about 4 or 5 years before a few of us were born, but maybe we can remember most of these '35 grads. Also remember this is the old building that burned in, I believe, 1939. Simon Spight helped identify everyone, so here is his list:

From the left: Mary Beth Agnew, Paul (Popeye) Gentry, Milton Putt, Hal Walker Norman, Eugene (Gene) Caldwell, Dr. James Simmons, Cecil Whitaker, Houston Wood, Mrs. Glenn Riley – sponsor, Bruce Trantham, A. T. Stocks, Carroll McCarthy – I think he is the younger brother of the famous Babe McCarthy, Earl Adams – son of Abbie & Maggie, Banks Hendricks, James Preston McWhorter, Jo Ann Gower.

Submitted by Milton Copeland. Also thanks to Simon for his help.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Party Time

Top photo: Seniors and juniors party at Sportsman's Lake around 1963. J. L. Howard, Clarene Evans, Gary Owen, Red Shelton, Amelia Malone, Hilda Massengill, Bobby Lewellyn, Harold McMillan, joey Burns, Judy Skelton, Johnny Roberts, Jane Goodson, Linda Weatherford, and others. Sorry if we could not or did not identify anyone properly.

Lower Photo: Birthday party for Virginia and Buddy Seay around 1954. Not in any order are: Harriet Burns, Petey and Janice Hopkins, Gordon McCarley, Caroline Searcy, Betty Greene, Clarene Evans, Gloria Jean Morgan, Bonnie Sue Bruton, Brenda Hill, Melba Jean Rowland, Kenneth Lauderdale, Bobby Baker, Milton Wesson, Charles Barber, Linda Ann Bishop, Harold owan. There is one unidentified younger child, and one girl on the back also.

Photos courtesy of Clarene Evans.

Monday, October 12, 2009

1952 Summer League Baseball

Photo and story by Joe Cunningham
-click to enlarge-

This was a summer league and kids from Wheeler and Jericho especially played on those all the time.

Front - Stanley Hendrix, Dean Rutherford, Joe Cunningham, Bobby Hamblin, Bill Walker (son of Cleve and brother of Buster and Norma Jean - some think it is Buddy DeVaughn but I am pretty sure it is Bill), Joe Murray Davis

Back - Ellis Wayne Christian, Joe Grissom, Charles Mathis, Grover Thomas, Enoch Gentry, Ted Hill (Wheeler), Frank Norman, Wyatt Weatherford, Charles Weatherford, Gerald White (Jericho).

This is Coach Haynes' first summer league baseball and I think it is 1952 for twelve and over. I wasn't really on that team, being only 10, but managed to get in the picture.

This is a re posting from May 2008. The photo was lost on Google somehow. -CH

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Okeelala Breakfast at Agnew's Restaurant at Pratts

Some photos of the gang at the breakfast last Saturday (October 3, 2009) at Pratts and some other photos of interest.

Photos by Clarene Evans, Cynthia Lindley Mink, and Carl Houston.

Thanks to Dr. Henry Outlaw and all who worked to make this a success again this year!

Click on this link:

Picasa Web Albums - Carl - 2009 Okeelala Breakfast at Agnew's Restaurant at Pratts

Baldwyn High School '59 Seniors and Family 50th Reunion - by Cynthia Mink


Picasa Web Albums - Baldwyn High School '59 Seniors and Family 50th Reunion by Cynthia Mink

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Lee County Library "Bookmobile"

During the four month summer vacations from school in the 1950s we could get books to read from a mobile library that came to town periodically. I believe the frequency was monthly, but maybe more often. The "bookmobile" as shown above would park in the downtown area and we could check out a number of books to keep until the next visit.

It was operated by the Lee County library, but Prentiss county kids could use it also, probably since the town was on county lines. The driver and librarian, Mrs. Patton, worked at this for many years (see text).

The lower photo was the vehicle that most of us knew. It is shown parked at Pratts school (we believe) with some eager kids lined up to use the service.

Upper image is from the Tupelo Journal in or around 1977 and is not complete, sorry. Sent by Joan Patton Wilroy. Lower image, made in the 1950s, is in the archives of the Pratts RCDC - submitted by Gerald McKibben.

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